Reading and Writing

According to my writing buddy, I need to keep blogging… So, here I am blogging away!

It’s difficult to continue blogging because I feel that, at the moment, I do not have anything to say. Which if my parents read this they would be laughing hysterically at the irony (because I always have something to say). So, I will just give you an update on my life currently and what I have been doing.

Read the title. Yes, that is all I have been doing besides working my part time job (which I’m not counting as it is only two days out of the week).

My goal for the year is to read 20 books, and what better way to get caught up in that goal than during the summer. I finished a book today, Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas. Though not my favorite series she has written, I did fully enjoy the depth of characters and how the plot thickens in the fifth book. However, I’m ready for it to end. JUST BE DONE WITH IT ALREADY SARAH!

I’ve never thought that my novels would exceed three books. Sticking to a strict trilogy writing style. However, Sarah J Maas can write, and write, and write, and write. Not only does she write a lot of books, but they are roughly 600 pages each! 600 pages! Holy cow!!!

My next book is by the same author, A Court of Wing and Ruin. The third book in the series I like from her! I cannot wait to read it!

Then I’ve been attempting to write. I am currently on chapter 11 of my dragon story. Some of the concerns I’m having right now are the consistencies between the chapters and also the motivation to keep on writing. I’m hoping that the lack of work next week will help me give me time to write rather than watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and reading.

Well, I guess I had more to talk about then I realized. Keep working hard everyone and reach your goals!

Real Life Written with Words 

The real world can inspire all forms of writing. Mystery. Romance. Action. Use what you know to write what you wish. 

I have recently started taking self-defense classes; known as Krav Maga. Though taking these classes is one of a personal reason I am excited to have an incling on how hand to hand combat might be like. 

I write a lot of action sequences involving swords and other weapons. Book research only goes so far without witnessing or being a part of that form of combat. It’s exciting to learn how to throw a punch, block or dodge a hit and also throwing kicks. 

My next story involves a girl learning self defense and hand to hand combat. Learning it myself will help put life experiences down on paper for my characters. 

Such a glorious experience it will be. 

Is Editing easier than Writing?

flannery_oconnor_quote_writingLet’s be completely frank when I mean “writing.” What I mean is sitting down with a blank piece of paper and starting from scratch, just the ideas from the brain. Are we clear? Great!

So, which is easier, starting with something that is already written and making improvements on it or starting from scratch? Well, it depends on what kind of writer you are.

This thought came to me this week because I have already written my new novel. All the content is complete and the idea put down on paper. My goal now is to change the content in a different order than in which I have, at present, written it. I reread the old chapter, make minor changes to it to adjust the time setting of the novel before placing it in its correct order. For me, this is incredibly easy and I have already fix 9 chapters within a two week time frame.

Now, my point is that editing may be easier, right? So, what makes writing from scratch so hard?

I just said it. You are writing from scratch. Putting your pencil on paper, fingers to the keyboard and creating something that has only just beginning to bud in your mind is difficult. Especially, if you worry about character development, plot sequences, and all of the other mind boggling crap writers think about when they are starting a story. All of these can prevent a writer (particularly a first timer) from even starting their story or finishing.


My remedy for the evils of writing? Put all other thoughts aside and save it for the editing process. Just focus on the story and writing it with enough details that when you edit you can take some of it. And like my friend Dory says, “Just keep writing!”

Any thoughts? Which is more difficult for you? Easier for you?

Let the Summer Goal Setting Begin!

Day 1 of my blogging challenge has started, so here I am writing a blog post. Thankfully, I found some time while visiting a friend to sit down and write this. I’m in Omaha, Nebraska at the moment. Many of you know I live in Iowa, and let’s just say this was a long drive.

Enough about that, let’s get back to writing. Last week I wanted to write a total of 3 chapters in my new novel. That task has been completed bringing my total to 6 (edited) chapters. This week I would like the same goal, 3 chapters to be completed by Saturday, June 10th.

Those are my goals! I feel that it’s really important setting goals for writing. (Well, let’s be honest I like setting goals for a lot of other things too). Setting realistic goals for yourself will allow you to feel successful and overall let you accomplish more than the goals you set. Writing is the area in which I set the most goals, and they could be daily or weekly.

A daily goal could look like, “I want to write 1000 words today,” or, “I want to add more character development today.” A daily will obviously be helping you set to complete your weekly goal.

You don’t want your weekly goal to be terribly unreachable. Start out small at first and then build as your writing improves in stamina. Obviously, writing 7 blog posts in a week is an outrageous goal for me seeing as I never write blog posts anymore. But started out with 3 a week, will most likely happen. Then, I can increase my blog posts to 4, or 5 as I get more in the groove of being on here again.daily-motivation-27

Last thing, when you set a goal try your very best to achieve it. If you don’t, then ask yourself why. Was it too difficult for you? Should you decrease the amount that you are trying to do? Was it just a really crappy week and you’ll try to do better next week? Whatever question you ask, be sure to make changes and try again!

This blog post was definitely not suppose to be about goal making… But hey! Being spontaneous is always fun. I hope you enjoy setting goals for yourself. If you feel like it (meaning if you made it this far) write a comment about the goals you have in writing or in life. I will do my very best to write back!

End of the School Year….

And the writing begins. 

Hey everyone I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I told myself in March that I needed to blog more about writing tips and my writing progress… then I failed. Spring break was such a success with writing and when I returned to work a lot of chaos happened. Then a few weeks ago when I was still doing a fantastic job in writing my new novel my computer died. 

And I mean DIED. At first I thought I lost all my progress on my novel seeing as my other story had been backed up long ago. Thankfully my dad came to my rescue and recovered the story. Phew. Now I’m slowly getting back on track. 

Like I mentioned in my title. Summer break is coming!!! This is the last week of school and freedom is right around the corner. My goals are to finish this new novel and also blog at least three times a week. Perhaps Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Though I have a lot in planning for in the summer I really hope to spend a lot of time writing. My dreams of getting published are still there. 

See you all soon!!!!

Writing Prompt

I had started a post about characters, but it did not save and I lost it. So that post will come later. 

Writing everyday is extremely important. Now I don’t mean writing your story every day, but rather just doing the act of writing. Today I will be giving you a writing prompt to get the act of writing started. 

Write the days of the week as if they were people.  

Ready. Begin! 

I would love it if you comment your writing below!

World Building Part 2

Now that you have accomplished avoiding a million questions here is your next task. 


Can you guess whose map this is?

Create a map. For fantasy worlds doing so is a great way of visualizing  the unknown world. Even if you never plan on using the map for your story it plots out a map in your mind if by chance your characters discuss another town. I love creating maps, and if you cannot write it’s another way of still thinking about your story. 


You may not believe it but your characters do eat. They also may not have the same eating habits as you do. Consider the world we live in today. There are different cultures that eat with utensils, chopsticks, or fingers. In a variety of syfy movies you witness characters eating different foods, so be inventive with this part of culture in your world. 


I love the Legend of Zelda. Huge fan since I was first introduced to Ocarina of Time many years ago. I’ve been watching Breath of the Wild gameplays on YouTube and marvel at the variety of cultures the world has. If you are not familiar with Legend of Zelda games then let me fill you in quickly. In the last eat games they contain different groups of people: 

The Gerudo
The Rito
The Hylians
The Goron
The Zora

Each group looks different of course, but their difference does not stop there. They live in different buildings, eat different foods, and my favorite are their clothing. Yeah pictures above are proof of that. These are not even my all of the groups of people involved in the game.

Keep writing and world building! Remember have fun and be creative. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures on Zeldapedia!

World Building (PART ONE)

Hello fellow writers! Long time no blog (my weak attempt at cracking a joke!)

Today I will be talking about world building. A little way to get me ready for my writing club discussion I’m hosting on Monday.   (This is late, already had discussion but I’m posting this anyway!) World Building can be a tricky and long task, but don’t forget to have fun with it. 

If you are like me and we don’t like answering a million random questions to get to know your world, then you are in luck. Put down those questions, burn them in a fire and roast marshmallows. Unless you find a fantastic set of questions that fit your world perfectly, then set the torch down. 

When I first began writing my entire world was always in my head, but with this new novel I’m working on I used a tool called Scivner. For everyone who uses notebooks or word documents this tool allows you to have everything about your novel in one place for 40 dollars. Too expensive? Win NANOWRIMO and get 50% off! It’s a great tool and I have seen a huge difference in my writing capabilities since purchasing it. You do get 30 days free, so try t today!

Now stepping away from unnessesary advertisements. I started my presentation with a writing activity and surprisingly it was really fun. Here it is…

Think of an object. It can be something magical or an everyday tool. Examples would be a spoon, flint to light a fire with, magical feather, or even a box of cookies. Have your object? 

Good, now choose three characters that are in your story. It could be the protagonist, the antagonist or even a poor bystander but it has to be three. 

Finally, write what those three people think about that object. 

This activity is amazing when it comes to how different characters interact and feel about an object. Don’t forget that objects can reveal a character’s emotions or behaviors as easily as a fight scene or dialogue between two characters. 

The last bit of world building advise I will leave with you tonight is…. The five senses. Especially when you are describing a place. In your world you need to make us believe that place is real, and as humans we use our five sense all the time; whether we know it or not. So, explore with yours. 

An example I use is a real life one. My classroom is frigid every morning. The moment I step into the room the hairs on my arms prickle up, a shiver runs down my spine. Then the heater kicks on after a few seconds bringing a flood of heat, and a stale smell, stuffy smell. 

I may post some more world building tips later this week, so keep a lookout! Have a great Tuesday and last day of February everyone!

Struggling to get on Track?

Yeah, me too. It’s difficult taking a day off from writing. One day turns into two and then three and soon you have taken more time off from your story than you have realized. 

There are ways to stop that from happening. My way is to set goals. I love being able to accomplish a goal and check it off a list. 

Setting a Goal:

Lets talk about setting a goal. It needs to be achievable, something you can reach out and almost touch. Start small and then work your way up, for example a daily word goal. It could a hundred words or a thousand, whichever is easy for you to accomplish. 

I created an excel spreadsheet that graphs my daily word goal. It helps knowing how many words I needed to make in a day to keep up for a monthly goal. 

Some of you may want to make a time goal. Start with 15 minutes and increase a few minutes a day. See where you end up. 

Those are just a few ways to create a goal. Put a comment and tell me your way of writing everyday! 

One week already?

Is there a powerful time god in this world I can talk to about slowing it down? I cannot believe 1 week has already come and gone. This week is also going to pass extremely fast because I only have four and a half days of work! 

Let’s talk about writing. This past week I have been plotting for another one of my novels. It has been fun to look past Dem’rick’s story and enjoy writin a new character. I am using the free trial of scrivener and it is fantastic for plotting! I already feel more prepared to write this novel than the one that took five years to write. 

Tomorrow I will pick up my printed novel and read it. My first read through will just small error changes but mainly focusing on story content as a reader. 

I will also be posting about my characters in then future and what actors I think would be fun to play them. 😏